Telekom announces the new postpaid and prepaid spring offers with up to 120 GB mobile data and free WhatsApp traffic

  • The Samsung Galaxy J3 2016, equipped with 120 GB 4G internet, can be purchased with 1 leu with Surf M subscription, at porting from other network
  • The prepaid offer GigaLove comes with 8.5 GB monthly mobile data and free traffic in WhatsApp, plus 1000 minutes and national SMSs, at 4.95 euro monthly credit
  • Offers are available within the February 10 – March 15, 2017 period

Telekom Romania announces its new spring offers for the postpaid and prepaid segments, which include unlimited voice calls, minutes in roaming, smartphones at 1 leu equipped with 120 GB mobile data, as well as free access to WhatsApp.

It is a time of year full of love, gifts and surprises, when everyone is looking for the right gift for the loved one and early March will come with a new infusion of love and concern towards all important women in the life of every man. For all these occasions and for all the important moments worth shared, Telekom comes with the perfect gift: the freedom to communicate, to share unique experiences and send the most emotional messages to those we love, wrapped with smartphones at super prices and consistent data traffic, respectively #GigaLove with all the benefits that you need at the Telekom card”, stated Ruxandra Rău, Director, Brand and Communication Strategy, Telekom Romania group of companies.

For the spring postpaid offer, anyone who ports in the Telekom network can benefit from a Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 at 1 leu at Surf M subscription, which comes equipped with 120 GB of 4G internet.

At the same time, customers that port their number in the Telekom network, based on a subscription, can choose from one of the voice tariff plans, in the first six months automatically benefiting from the guaranteed advantages through the Complete XXL package, which includes 8 GB national data traffic, unlimited national voice and SMS, 1500 fixed and mobile international minutes, 1500 minutes for roaming in the European Union and 2 GB mobile data in roaming, available in the EU member countries. The offer is available for 24 months contracts, with or without handset, for the voice tariff plans that apply starting with the Talk S subscription for mobile, or Talk S for MagentaONE customers, up to Complete XL.

Also for the postpaid offer, Telekom offers to its customers 36 GB data bonus (1.5 GB per month for the entire contract period of 24 months) for every activated number, starting with the Talk S rate plan.

On the prepaid cards segment, Telekom announces the new GigaLove offer, which consists in 8.5 GB internet and free traffic in WhatsApp, plus other benefits, for 4.95 euro monthly credit. At the same time, throughout the GigaLove period, Telekom SIM card users will benefit from 1000 national or international minutes in the fixed networks or national SMSs, as well as 100 international minutes in the mobile networks, but also unlimited minutes and SMSs within the Telekom networks. Thus, during the prepaid campaign, dedicated to couples’ month, Telekom customers are able to communicate without restraints due to the new offer.

With GigaLove, Telekom continues the story of the Giga campaign series, a marketing and communications concept launched in 2015, with the first offer of the series being the GigaWeekend, with 1 GB bonus internet per week. Because of the high rate of GigaWeekend bonus reactivation of 80%, Telekom Romania has decided to keep on offering this experience to its customers and launched the summer prepaid offer, GigaWeek. The series continued with the GigaWinter offer, end of 2016, which brought 8 GB bonus net. Currently, Telekom customers benefit from GigaLove offer of 8.5 GB data and free traffic in WhatsApp.

The prepaid and postpaid campaigns are scheduled during February 10 – March 15, 2017.

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