Take a look at this sculpture that brings ‘Doom’ to life [video]


It only takes a quick glance at Doom to become a huge fan, no longer terrified of the social monsters, especially when you are 17. Jason Hite is now part of the Doom universe and he has created an amazing dark and gore sculpture of this virtual horror world.




In 2004, Hite received a mini-figure of the cyberdemon enemy from the game, so he started to create an environment for it, by collecting random object, painting them and giving them a context. Today, the sculpture is finished and you can actually see it live in the Roadside Attractios exhibit at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California, until November 8th. By the way, you can also purchase it, for $6.000.


If you don’t have the possibility to purchase it or to even check it out in person, then take a look at the video below to see the artificial artwork scene that Jason Hite has created with the help of his son.


Source: theverge