Take a look at this flexible display for smartphones from JDI – VIDEO

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’re been teased with the thought of having flexible smartphones, that we can wrap and put them anywhere without any worries. But there’s a long way cause there are many things to be fixed. The displays are one of the key components.

Flexible displays aren’t something new, Sony, Samsung and LG have presented their own solution for the future already, but there’s still a long way to go because though functional, flexible display aren’t very practical as they cannot withstand torsion in the long term. Thus they aren’t ready to go on the market yet for flexible devices.

Yet JDI is still working on their flexible LCD which are supposed to go in mass production in 2018. Most likely, as the flexible OLEDs from Samsung, they will be used in sturdy devices. They will probably be used by smartphone makers that want curved edges as Samsung’s phones.

Meanwhile, an interesting short video has made its way on Vimeo and it shows a live demo of how a flexible display for smartphones from JDI works. Looks intriguing but there are some disadvantages there too.

As you will see in the video, as soon as the display is lifted of the backlight panel the content displayed becomes barely visible. So, it’s really hard to think now that they could be used freely with no support.