Taiwanese woman claims her iPhone 8 Plus exploded while charging

- Adrian Ungureanu

A woman from Taiwan brought back her iPhone 8 Plus to the operator she bought from, after the phone had allegedly exploded while charging.

It wasn’t quite a blast, because as you can see from the pictures the phone case burst, a problem that might’ve been cause the an inflated battery. The woman claimed that she was using the original charger on Tuesday when her iPhone 8 Plus had “exploded”.

She also said that the phone was showing some power left, around 70%, but she wanted to fully charge the phone. After 3 minutes the phone simply popped and as you can see from the pictures, the frontal panel sprung of the rest of the phone.

As I said, the term “explosion” is quite exaggerated, because there are no traces of a fire. Not smoke, no melted materials nothing. We believe that there iPhone 8 Plus we see in these pictures got in this state due to other circumstances.

Anyway, the operator retrieved the phone and will test it to see if the claims are true. If there’s a battery problem, than it’s not good. For Apple and for it’s suppliers also.