T-Mobile Polska announces change in its Management Board


T-Mobile Polska announces today that its CEO Mr. Miroslav Rakowski  has decided to leave the company upon his own request to pursue new challenges outside the Deutsche Telekom Group and will resign from the CEO position effective October 31, 2014.


The T-Mobile Polska Supervisory Board has today approved Mr. Rakowski’s resignation and has appointed Mr. Zacharias Piperidis as T-Mobile Polska’s CEO on an interim basis, effective November 1st, 2014. Mr. Piperidis, who is currently OTE Group’s Chief Operating Officer, will combine duties in both companies until the appointment of a new CEO of T-Mobile Polska. Mr. Rakowski will remain in the company until the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition.


“I would like to thank Miroslav Rakowski for the work he has done over the last nearly four years in Poland. Since his nomination, T-Mobile Polska has gone through many changes, which include  a re-branding conducted in record time, as well as the modernization of its infrastructure to become the best network in Poland. The company has also introduced mobile NFC payments with MyWallet and is developing further banking services; it has gained necessary spectrum frequencies and now offers its clients LTE technology,” said Michael Wilkens, President of T-Mobile Polska’s Supervisory Board.


“I would like to express my appreciation to Miroslav Rakowski for his significant contribution to the Deutsche Telekom Group during his tenure at the helm of T-Mobile Polska,” commented Claudia Nemat, Board Member, Europe and Technology, Deutsche Telekom. “In addition, I wish Zacharias Piperidis every success with his new role at T-Mobile Polska. The experience he gained as a member of T-Mobile Polska’s Supervisory Board as well as his extensive and international experience in the telecommunications sector will certainly be invaluable, given the particular challenges T-Mobile Polska faces in the near future, such as the upcoming frequencies auction and the legal integration with GTS.” she noted.