Synaptics says in-display fingerprint readers work with screen protectors! Ming-Chi Kuo is confused

- Adrian Ungureanu

There are some some intense debates whether Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped or not with fingerprint reader integrated into the display. The last version launched was that it will not have such sensors, because they do not work through screen protectors.

The hypothesis was proposed KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said that Galaxy Note 9 won’t have in-display fingerprint readers, because the current optical sensors don’t work through screen protection foils.

Synaptics, the company which produces the fingerprint reader integrated into the Vivo X20 Plus UD’s screen, reacted to Kuo’s speculations and said to Phone Arena that, that’s not true. They didn’t said it like this, but it seems that Ming-Chi Kuo is talking nonsense. They say the analyst may be confusing optical with ultrasonic technology regarding the Note 9, as Samsung may have experimented with both, in addition to its regular capacitive tech.

There are also videos showing that Synaptics’ fingerprint sensor works even through two stacked protective foils. Click on the video below (8:32). Indeed, it seems that it takes some more time to react, but it does work.

So the reasons why Samsung wouldn’t want to use integrated fingerprint sensors are not at all clear. In fact, we are not even 100% that Samsung does not want to use such sensors.