Sweden has world’s fastest LTE network


GigaOM introduced us to a study made by british firm OpenSignal in regards to 4G networks around the world. In a surprising and intriguing turn of events, the USA has the most LTE network coverage compared to other countries, and yet the Land of freedom is lagging behind seven countries in terms of speed. Estimated average connection speed is 9.6Mbps. Sweden is the king of the hill in the speed category, hitting an average of 22Mbps, followed by Canada’s 18Mbps.

According to OpenSignal, the US LTE networks are slow because of the 10-20MHz bandwidth used when deployment of the first LTE networks began. With catching up, most worldwide operators opted for 40MHz spectrums.

LTE coverage has increased remarkably in the last two years. OpenSignal have caught signals from 62 countries around the world, including places as far as Africa, Uzbekistan and Kirghizstan.