Swatch sued by Apple after its ”Tick Different” ad campaign

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple made the phrase ”Think different” famous between 1997 and 2002. Now Swatch seems to have twisted Apple’s old slogan in its last ad campaign by using the phrase “Tick different”.

You can clearly see the similarity between the two slogans. It also appears like Swatch is mocking Apple. Anyway, “Tick Different” doesn’t go well with Apple’s officials who decided to take Swatch to court.

Swatch defends the ad campaign, saying that this is just a mere coincidence. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek has gone on record to say that his company’s catch phrase stems from an ad campaign from the ’80s that was called “Always different, always new.”

Apple has already submitted a claim before the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland which is currently being considered, Watson reports. In order to win the case, Apple must prove that Swatch’s “Tick Different” phrase makes at least 50 percent of consumers think of an Apple product. How? It remains to be seen.