Stroll in the home of “50 shades of gray”


When E.L. James understands that luxury condominiums will be ready in 2009, she decided to make the character slightly perverted, and of course add a few extra ideas. After putting the trailer for the upcoming movie, Escala is a landmark and fans are starting to make numerous photos. More good news is that while 97% of the homes are sold, there are still 6 penthouses available.


In 2013 the largest Escala penthouse is 5,100 square meters and was sold for $ 6.2 million dollars, according to the agent of the building Erik Mehr e highest price paid for an apartment in Seattle in the last three years. He added that his phone has not stopped ringing and all callers were women aged between 19 and 50 years and insisted on a night there and shoot.


The most expensive penthouse already bought, but the building still has 6 such as their price starts at $ 1.8 million. Each view of the city is 180 degrees.


Security measures in the building are seriously strengthened because of the growing popularity. Anyone wishing to move to live there, can be assured that will confront the crazy fans who want to make selfy at the terrace. The author gives to all residents in the building personally signed book, and the exterior was used in the film itself.


Property value continues to grow, thanks to the book.