Start muting people on Twitter


You have just been muted! Twitter is officialy launching the ‘mute’ option which should help you zip up a particular user in your timeline. No more annoying (re)tweets visible in your home timeline, no more notifications from these annoying users.


The polite part of this option is that mute users are never told when they have been silenced, so they will still be able to favor, reply to, or retweet your tweets. If it is not enough, there is always the ‘unfollow’ option. This ‘mute’ option should eliminate that rolling-eyes syndrome, whenever someone is tweeting about how they got drunk last night. Nevertheless, once muted you can unmute, so if someone gets less annoying, you can change your mind and let him/ her tweet on your timeline.


In the ‘coming weeks’ both iOS and Android versions will have this ‘mute’ option, and the feature will be rolled out to Twitter’s web interface as well. You still have to endure some unwanted tweets.

Source: theverge