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Search for Health Bracelet in Google Play Store to download APP procedure of healthy bracelet and install it into your Android smartphones. But be sure that your Android Version is 2.2 – 4.3. Smart wrist watch with OLED screen, clearly showing the steps, time, sleep quality and calorie-burning result  Syncs your data to Android smartphones for record keeping  Light weight and comfortable silicone wrist band.


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Note: The color of the words that on the screen is random.


Why do you need healthy bracelet?

Intelligent Motion Healthy bracelet, Variety delicacies. Originality design across time. With the IN. Also easy to lose form, ready to monitor your exercise and sleep, and use minimalist humane mode of operation and a strong social, sharing system to overturn your wrist existence.


Colorful wristbands


With you in the sweet “color” phase


How to meet the color and style of the pace of convergence? Every scene from life to find subtle sense of color balance. Find a sport attitude sweet. Turn around and laugh at every moment, very sweet.


OLED super screen time


The force of the LED era


Don’t walk on the market of general sports bracelet use LED display. But with the double sold your route, healthy Bracelet equipped with OLED organic light emitting display. Widen the viewing angle that 60 degrees. Can effectively save power. The duration. Widely used in IPOD and other high-end digital player.


Double click on the screen


Quickly to IN light screens trick


Like jogging at night. Want to watch pedometer  run and could stop button too much trouble? Double click on the screen, healthy Bracelet will ne sensitive to capture the shock energy sensor. The screen will automatically light up.


Sleep monitoring + can awaken


Body talk


Do you understand all warnings of the body? Know it’s like you want kind of message? Sleep quality is not high, somnolence etc. Do not ignore it sends a signal. Whether is told, pleasure, or angry, healthy Bracelet to the sleep state. To monitor the quality of your sleep.


According to your sleep depth state. At the time of science, In the wake of the time you set in the shallow sleep state through the vibration way to wake you.




Accurate energy consumption clearly


More precise carrying energy consumption instrument technology. The step number, mileage of unit, The burning calories can be accurately calculated. Makes you relaxed and clear day. How much movement distance, how many calories consumed. To love for weight loss and exercise provides real-time monitoring service users.


Hour wear


Comfortable 0 radiation


Transmission technology new material and chip upgrade. The healthy Bracelet no radiation, comfortable wearing any worries.


Bluetooth synchronization


Is the time to throw away the data line


No connection cable, with intelligent terminal software, you can use it more simple movements of their own. Manage their own motion data, but also a key to start data synchronization.


APP Download: Please scan the QR code on the packaging or user manual with your smart phone, then download and install Healthy Bracelets APP.


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