Sony tease gamers and Microsoft with boxy PS4 design


Tonight Microsoft will reveal their next-generation XBox console. This is a pretty big event which will accelerate the console’s name into a two-week media frenzy leading up to this year’s E3. So there is nothing surprising about Sony reminding gamers of the awesomeness that the PS4 is shaping up to be with a teaser trailer. It only shows a black square box through smudged lenses and an overlay of snapshots from the console’s design taken from the most mysterious angles available. We get it Sony, you saucy little minx. Microsoft will unveil their x-box tonight too, won’t they?

If you want to see the individual stills from the trailer, head over to Reddit. The community there is already mass-producing all kinds of theories about the PS4.

Meanwhile, the next XBox reveal will be livestreamed at and various other site. You can check the time at which the event starts in your country here.