Sony shuts down TrackID, tells users to download Shazam

- Adrian Ungureanu

Sony introduced TrackID in 2005, when the company share its brand with Ericsson on the mobile phone market, but 2017 is going to be the last year for Sony’s music recognition service.

Surprising or not, the company has decided to shut down the music recognition service on September 15. With the app, all TrackID history will be lost too and Sony offers no solution to transfer the list of recognized tracks accumulated to another app.

Shockingly Sony recommends the service that probably made its own service become less popular. So, Sony recommends users to download Shazam!

Sony has been killing off a lot of its signature apps – Live on YouTube got cut late last year, PlayMemories Online was axed from the Xperia Album app around the same time too and now TrackID is saying its goodbyes.