Sony presented a solution to overheating in Z3 + / Z4

Sony last month dealt a lot of criticism because of problems with Snapdragon 810. Most – new device company – Xperia Z3 + / Xperia Z4 were immediately condemned by consumers and it came time to announce how the company is trying to deal with this serious deficiency. Qualcomm still hasn’t done anything to get out of an uncomfortable situation, but Sony presented 28.0.A.7.24 update to fix the deficit.
This update takes approximately 70MB of memory and works with Android 5.0.2. If it is not available in your area (you can check the settings), you can install it from your phone or computer.

Exactly how this change will affect the overheating it isn’t yet clear. Most – easiest way to change the CPU frequency, but Sony should take this complicated solution.