Sony patent new controller – it has balls!


The current-generation of consoles will be singing its swan songs through 2013 and it seems that the next-gen warfare between the Big Three of console gaming (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) will not be a simple matter of hardware superiority and exclusive deals; a large emphasis will be placed on unique controlling mechanisms. We’ve already seen the Wii U tablet controller, Microsoft are rumoured to introduce augmented-reality-3d-hd-other-fancy-tech glasses to the “Next-box”, and what about you, Sony?

A newly discovered pattent suggests that Sony quite literally took an axe to the PS3 SIXAXIS pad, separating it in two perfect halves. What remains of the controller is a DualShock split in two, with PS Move sensor balls attached to each half. The design allows the controller to be split and combined at any time.

Does the proposed new controller seem like a bad joke to you? Or would you like Sony to follow through and bring it to market?


Sony's latest patent drawing