Sony launches a record player that also digitizes your vinyl collection [video]


Don’t sell your vinyl collection yet, better start cleaning them because Sony launches PS-HX500 device that allows you to convert the analog music from a vinyl to a digital format in order to listen to it straight from your laptop or phone.


The sounds emitted by the needle touching the vinyl are recorded by PS-HX500 via USB, and the most important is that you can eliminate the vibrations or the noises made by the needle on the irregular form of the vinyl. However, it is possible that you miss exactly those old school sounds.


Nevertheless, PS-HX500 might have success because the vinyl collections are becoming more and more popular, and if you don’t prefer downloading the music from the internet, this modern pick-up might be a solution for bringing your old music back to life. Anyway, check out the video below.


Source: engadget