Sony issue fix for defective PS3 update


Sony fulfilled their promise and issued a fix for PS3 who solves the problem with disappearing menus from the console. The problem emerged in the 4.45 update which was quickly pulled from Sony’s servers. The new version is 4.46.

IF you installed 4.45 by mistake and the problem showed up, you will have to manually update your system. Download the update file to a flash drive (make sure to follow the folder structure), start your PS3 in safe-mode by holding the power button until you hear three consecutive beeps, release and follow on-screen instructions.

In autumn Sony will release two new PS3 models – CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C. They are probably versions of the PS3 Super-Slim model with more economical components and better cooling.

The next-gen PS4 is expected in November at a price of 399 euro.

Source: Sony