Sony introduced two new Walkman models that can be used while swimming

- Adrian Ungureanu

The new waterproof and dustproof WS620 Series Walkman from Sony lets you focus on the exercise you love, whether that’s in water or on land. Now with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, this tough all-in-one wireless MP3 Player is perfect for longer and more intense workouts.

The WS620 Series includes the NW-WS623 (4GB) and NW-WS625 (16GB), two impressive sports wireless Walkman’s that are built to withstand the conditions you train best in. Suitable for temperatures ranging from -5 to 45 degrees and dustproof to an IP6X rating to it can withstand small particles, this Walkman Series is the perfect companion for beach workouts.

Or if you fancy a refreshing swim on a hot day, both models are waterproof and can be submerged up to 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes, whether you’re in the pool or in the sea. Available in black, blue, lime yellow or grayish white , the improved fit means it will stay in place no matter what moves you are making.

You can also ensure a comfortable fit as they are ergonomically designed to be smaller, slimmer and lighter and at 35% smaller than the WS610 Series.

For the first time in a waterproof Walkman, Sony brings its unique noise control technology called Ambient Sound mode that lets you take in external sounds when you want, for a better outdoor workout.

Train for hours wherever you are with the WS620 Series, simple one touch Ambient Sound mode allows you to listen clearly to sounds outside of your music, meaning you can listen to the birds around you on endurance cycling sessions without removing your device and lets you to talk to your workout buddy or trainer without skipping a beat.

Quick Charge means that you can plug in your Walkman for just 3 minutes and be ready for a steady 60 minute workout . Or fully charge, for one hour and 30 minutes, for up to 12 hours of usage.

Simply connect your Walkman to your computer, drag & drop the files you want to hear, and head out the door – ready to conquer the world with the best beats in your ears, but no extra devices to weigh you down. Alternatively, simply connect your phone with Bluetooth and NFC one-touch connectivity and stream your favorite workout playlist from the phone that you just can’t train without.