Some iPhone X affected by a green vertical line on the screen

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seem that a new problem has been reported by iPhone X owners, who said their phones are plagued by a green vertical line on the screen which on disappear, not even after reboot.

There are no information on why is this happening, but owners who went in stores with their iPhone X units, were replaced under warranty. It may be a hardware problem, but there’s no official word from Apple yet.

So if you have the same problem, as you see in the pictures, go into stores, were you bought it and have you iPhone X replaced. Hopefully the next one won’t have the same problem.

It’s the second issue reported by users in just a few days, after some owners complained that their touchscreen become unresponsive when going from warm to very cold weather, but for that Apple said will provide a fix via an upcoming software update.