Snapdragon 820 offers – quick charging ridiculously high speeds


Qualcomm made a special event today to reveal details about the new chip and show class couple midrange offerings. Powerful Snapdragon 820 was presented in March at the Mobile World Congress 2015, then as attention and left behind scandals overheating Snapdragon 810.


The main part of the puzzle missing to date was the network, and today the event in China, it became clear that Snapdragon 820 will provide a first-class mobile data traffic – up to 600Mbps and 150Mbps over LTE-Advanced (X12 LTE). Also, we will be happy and Wi-Fi 802.11ad, which is next-generation connectivity.


Snapdragon 820 will use four 64 – bit Kryo cores, it ends a standard Cortex decision. Kryo processor is manufactured using 14nm FinFET method of Samsung, which means that it will definitely be available and – good battery. According to information from the Korean giant, Samsung has been busy testing the Snapdragon 820 and integration plans in the next flagship Galaxy S7.


In these four Kryo cores with 64 – bit architecture of Snapdragon 820, this tightly integrated Adreno 530 GPU and 680 Hexagon DSP (Digital Signal Processor). All five series Adreno, support OpenGL ES 3.1 (3.2 comes – later) and Vulkan API. The company claims that the 820 comes with a 40 percent jump in productivity and 40% reduction in energy consumption. GPUs support HDMI 2.0 and up to 4K @ 60fps.


Another impressive feature is the new Snapdragon 820 ISP. Called Spectra, this Image Signal Processor, will work with small pixels (and will provide – a good picture), hybrid auto focus, low light and will build on the GPU software “optical zoom”.


At the event were also presented two new chipset – Snapdragon 617 and Snapdragon 430. Both new offerings come with eight standard Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.5GHz and 1.2GHz.


In – 617 comes with a powerful X8 LTE modem, Cat.7 speed (300Mbps download and 100Mbps upload) and Adreno 405 GPU. Snapdragon 430 is X6 LTE, Cat.4 (150Mbps / 75Mbps) and the new Adreno 505 GPU. Both chips come with ISP, maintaining 21MP cameras.


The company confirmed Quick Charge 3.0 and three new chips. The technology promises 27% – faster loading compared to version 2.0, as used – less energy, protecting the health of the battery power on – long.