Smart Parking Internet of Things solution, national winner of the second edition of the International Business Wall of Fame competition



  • The smart parking solution PARKiNG+PLUS wins in Romania the prize for the “Best IoT business solution”;
  • The solution will become part of Telekom Romania’s business portfolio of and will benefit from a national marketing campaign worth 30,000 Euros, developed by Telekom Romania;
  • At a national level, 23 Internet of Things solutions were enrolled, which received over 5,000 votes. 63 companies entered the competition as supporters of one of the submitted solutions;
  • In the 8 countries participating in the contest, over 200 applications were received and over 42,000 users voted for the submitted Internet of Things solutions.


Telekom Romania announced the winner in Romania of the second edition of the international „Business Wall of Fame” competition initiated by Deutsche Telekom: a PARKiNG+PLUS, a smart parking solution for overcrowded cities. Being designated as the best Internet of Things solution from Romania, it will enter the business solutions portfolio dedicated to companies and will benefit of a national marketing campaign worth 30,000 Euros, developed by Telekom Romania.


Developed by PITECHAPPS S.R.L, within the CLUJ IT cluster, starting with 2014, the concept proposes a new approach of the parking services, focused on offering information regarding the availability of parking spaces, alternative methods of paying using mobile phones, and especially the flexible management on long and short term of the access in secured parking spaces, both for the corporate (access management for employees, collaborators, visitors, participants at events) and in the residential segments.


“In our days, drivers are facing more and more problems when it comes to parking, such as the time wasted in finding a free parking space. PARKiNG+PLUS is an innovative ecosystem of web, mobile and hardware applications, which allows the identification in real time of the closest parking spaces, as well as booking and payment for these spaces via mobile phone and rapid access to these spaces. Moreover, the users can submit on the platform their own parking spaces and can lease these overnight or during the weekends. We are convinced that our solution can be successfully implemented not only in Romania, but also in any other country where the situation of parking can be optimized”, stated Cristian Ureche, Head of Product PARKING+PLUS. 


Also, the competition awards the supporting company of the winning solution, which had the most convincing argument in their favour. Thus, ACIBADEM Romania, part of a group of private hospitals in Turkey,will benefit of exposure in a marketing campaign worth up to 20,000 Euros.  


“Business Wall of Fame is not just a competition, it is an opportunity for the developers of Internet of Things solutions to make the most of their creativity and, at the same time, to propose efficient and innovative solutions for the businesses of our customers. This year Romania was very well represented at international level, fact that shows once again that there is significant innovative local potential also for the Internet of Things solutions, one of the important engines of business development in the future”, mentioned Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.


The second edition of the international ”Business Wall of Fame” competition was rolled out in Romania and in other 7 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Slovakia). In total, over 200 IoT developers applied during the contest and a total of 160 solutions were accepted and uploaded to the contest’s central website The solutions submitted to the international and local competitions came from various areas such as transportation, services, trade, logistics, intelligent buildings / smart cities. More than 42,000 business users form the 8 participating countries voted for their favourite solutions, thus helping the national expert juries to choose the best IoT solution from each country.


Furthermore, the jury will award in the next period a special prize for the best Internet of Things solution at international level, which Deutsche Telekom will include in the portfolio of the 8 participating countries in the contest. Also, the developer of the solution will participate together with Deutsche Telekom at a fair, benefiting of marketing campaign worth 10,000 Euros.


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