Skype now supports video messaging


The video sharing craze which Vine started has also gotten to Skype – sort of. The messenger now lets you record videos for up to three minutes and send them as a message to your contacts. When they log-on to the service, they’ll be able to view your shenanigans.

The service had been in beta-testing for some time, and initially Microsoft and Skype had the so-so idea of making it subscription-based, letting free users send 20 videomessages for free and then saying “pay up!” by introducing a $4.99 monthly subscription. Happily, they ditched the payment model and you are free to send as many videos as you need.

Skype video-messaging is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and BlackBerry? Curious on why Windows Phone is missing from this Microsoft-owned app? You bet we are. But sometimes these things take time.

Source: Android Authority