Sign documents using Autograph for iPhone


Autograph for iPhone is a new iPhone and iPod Touch application that lets you create a digital signature on your device’s touchscreen and put it on electronic documents. This is how it works: you download the free Autograph Helper program. We have to mention that this program and the app have the same author: Ten One Design. The Autograph Helper program has to run on your computer to receive signatures from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Also the application lets you change the colour. Just use your finger or a stylus and write down on the touchscreen your name. If you use the signature to sign an important business document, make shore you use the right line. Otherwise, the application lets you changing it. Not all the electronic documents are compatible with Autograph Helper, but only these ones.


The application is really cool. You can also sign emails and also put the date on so you could save time. Autograph for iPhone is available at the iTunes App Store for 6.95 USD (price in the United States).