Second edition of international entrepreneurial academy for startups is open


Until May 20th 2014, any innovative Romanian early-stage start-up can enroll to participate to the second edition of “hub:raum Krakow Warp – a turbo accelerator”, the free of charge business academy rolled out by hub:raum for CEE, a project developed within the Deutsche Telekom Group.


“hub:raum Warp – a turbo accelerator” will take place in Krakow between June 7 – 14. The selected teams will have access to workshops and lectures focused on startup financing, developing a concept and business model, marketing, and legal issues, conducted by international experienced entrepreneurs and experts. For the selected teams, the costs of flight and accommodation will be supported by the organizers.


To the first edition applied over 150 start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe, out of which 3 Romanian teams were selected for the training program and one of them, Omnipaste, was invited to be part of hub:raum and offered 80,000 Euros funds to develop its project.  


“The participation to the first edition of hub:raum Warp meant for us the acceleration of a part time project or hobby to a real, full time business. The time spent there allowed us to structure our ideas because we had the information, but we didn’t know what steps to take and in which order to move. The duration of the program is perfectly set so that one can validate his ideas without being forced to make significant changes professionally. The mentorship level is very high, but it is important to go there with solid business knowledge, otherwise it would be difficult to transform the idea into a business,” stated Adrian Lupau, founder of CallerQ, one of the Romanian teams which participated to the first edition of hub:raum Warp.


The recruitment process of ideas is open until May 20th. The innovation hub looks for teams with an already existing project or individuals with an innovative idea. People who want to apply should fill the form on or


“As the name of the training program states it, the aim is to empower young companies through mentoring, workshops and financing, thus giving them the opportunity to fast develop and grow their ideas. Romtelecom and COSMOTE believe in innovation and support companies of all sizes, as this mix offers the premises for durable development of tomorrow’s society,” stated Olaf Lausen, Chief of Staff and Business Development Director, Romania.


After attending “hub:raum Warp – a turbo accelerator”, the best projects may be able to receive funding for developing the respective project within the hub:raum program. Hub:raum for CEE is the Innovation Hub developed by Deutsche Telekom for tech entrepreneurs providing market access to customers and the founding possibilities going up to 80,000 Euro for each project.


Summary of hub:raum Krakow Warp 2013

During the turbo accelerator in December 2013, 15 teams and 52 participants from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Montenegro, Austria, and Ukraine attended the eight-day workshops. Romania was represented by three teams selected based on their proposed solutions: CallerQ (with a mobile app & a web analytics services designed for mobile sales professionals), Omnipaste (with a technology which exposes the functions of your devices to the omniAPI and allows other devices to use them), Smartnode (with a low-powered and low-cost wireless home automation app).



Three startups including Omnipaste from Romania, from Montenegro, and Pocket Collar from Poland were invited to the incubation program immediately. Omnipaste is a team from Sibiu with more 15 years’ experience as developers and online marketing, which presented a technology meant to “democratize” all one’s devices, meaning, for example, a clipboard manager which allows you to perform the classical copy-and-paste function across more devices regardless of the operating system. More details on the demo website:

The projects were selected by hub:raum CEE mentors and Deutsche Telekom experts. The video summary of the first edition of Warp is here:


About hub:raum for CEE

hub:raum  is the Innovation Hub for startups created by Deutsche Telekom Group in April 2013. It focuses on supporting innovative businesses from Central and Eastern Europe by connecting team, vision, and expertise with the corporate power of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. It is achieved by offering a comprehensive package of market access to customers, seed-funding, co-working space, and mentoring with international experts.