Samsung’s top of the rankings in sales for the last quarter


According to a recent study by Digitimes Research, Samsung is the top sales ranking in Q3 of 2015, followed by Apple. While the South – Korean company covered 25.6 percent market share for the quarter, the producers of the iPhone by 14.5 percent.

Huawei, Lenovo and LG round out the top 5 with 7.4%, 4.8% and 4.5%. Xiaomi Chinese producers are in sixth place with a 3.8 % market share, while Sony and Microsoft have honorary 11th and 12th place with 2% and 1.7%.


Of the top 15 manufacturers of smartphones referred to in this report, nine were from China, two from the US and South Korea, and one from Japan and Taiwan.

Overall, a total of 331.9 million smartphones was shipped in the fourth quarter. The report predicts that Q4 2015 expects 396.8 million, which will form the total 1.326 billion.