Samsung will ship 100 million Galaxy S4?


According to Peter Misek from Jefferies & Company, Samsung are set to ship 100 million Galaxy S4 devices. The korean giant is going for full-on domination of the Android market and direct competition to Apple, motivated both by the S3’s strong success and the bitter turn both their business and competitive relationship with Apple has taken. Such an abundance of the S4 will shift nearly all of the company’s resources to the smartphone alone, possibly delaying Apple‘s remaining orders for their next mobile and computer devices. Apple are reportedly facing production difficulties by Sharp at the very moment, which will further hinder their market movement.

So, has Samsung taken itself too seriously, or are they rightfully confident in the S4’s success? Judging by the popularity of the S3, we bet on the latter, and we bet a little on the former too – just to keep a balanced perspective.