Samsung will double the production of Galaxy S8

- Adrian Ungureanu

DJ Koh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, said that the company plans to more than double the initial production volume of the latest Galaxy S8 compared to its predecessor.

“We will double the production in order to prevent a supply bottleneck we experienced last year with the S7,” he told reporters in New York.

Last year, Samsung shipped about 10-12 million units of the S7 in the first weeks of the launch. Considering this, the initial shipment for the S8 is expected to exceed 20 million units.

The new flagship were unveiled officially last week, but they are expected to hit shelves on April 21, with Samsung taking preorders from April 7. Around the world, many operators and retailers have already started to accept preorders Samsung’s new smartphones.

There still are some concerns about shipments though. First, there are some speculation that the Galaxy S8 will bump quickly into a supply shortage because of the sluggish production rate of Snapdragon 835 processors and there are also some problems with Pegatron, who’s production yield of photo modules for the 5,8-inch Galaxy S8 are very low and might affect the shipments as well.

Between these two rumors, DJ Koh promised that there will be no problems in supplying enough smartphone for everybody. Let’s see if Samsung will be able to keep this promise.