Samsung wants to “kill” the smart speakers, by connecting all device to the internet and AI

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung has lost the start on the smart speaker market, which is currently dominated by Amazon and Google. The big advantage of the two American companies was that they had earlier a virtual assistant sufficiently advanced as the ”soul” for such devices.

Samsung’s assistant, Bixby, appeared much later. Last year. And for a while it was ”speechless”. With no Voice support, it couldn’t be compared with Alexa or Google Assistant, so it could not be installed on a speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

However, Samsung now has even bigger plans, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kim Hyunsuk, president and CEO of Samsung, said he doesn’t really understands why the world is talking so much about smart speakers, as any device can be connected to the Internet and equipped with a virtual assistant.

That’s why Samsung’s chief says that by 2020, all of the company’s products, including home appliances, to be connected to the Internet and have AI support, eliminating the need for a smart speakers as is today, provided that all devices in the house will be smart and connected.

In other words, Samsung wants to “kill” the market dominated by Amazon and Google. The South Korean company produces many more categories of electronics and home appliances than any other competitor, so users will be able to enjoy the benefits offered currently by a smart speaker on any Samsung device in the near future.