Samsung + VR headset + ostrich = one of the best commercials about technology ever

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung was in the spotlight in the past few days because everybody wanted to watch the unveiling of their new flagship smartphones, but in the same day of the grand event, on Samsung Mobile’s official YouTube channel, another interesting commercial made its way.

We almost missed it because fo the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It deserves 2 minutes to be watched. The commercial clearly wants to promote Samsung’s new VR headsets, but the video itself its a masterpiece.

It brings the attention on an ostrich that accidentally sticks its head into a VR headset while a flight simulator is running. You can imagine what comes next as the ostrich is a bird that can’t fly.

The commercial is both funny and inspirational. Even though it seems that Samsung wants us to indulge ourselves with the unlimited possibilities given by a VR headset, we can also detect the motivational message within the video. At least that’s what I believe I should’ve get from this commercial.

Maybe, Samsung should’ve used a similar idea at the unveiling of the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It would’ve brought even more spice to the event.