Samsung to show off Retina-beating displays at SID


Yesterday we reported that LG is gearing up to show some neat new displays at the CID expo in Vancouver. Just a day later Sammy laid their own cards at the table. At the very same event they will demonstrate a 5-inch AMOLED 1080p display with the widest color gamut in the world. Allegedly, this panel can reproduce 94% of the Adobe RGB color gamut.

That’s not nearly the best Sammy have, however. They also have a 10.1-inch LCD display with 2560×1600 resolution for tablets and a 13.3-inch LCD display for laptops with the eye-melting resolution of 3200×1800. Interestingly, both of these Retina-beating displays use 30% less energy than what’s currently available.

Source: Electronista