Samsung to remain the sole OLED supplier for Apple in 2018

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple and Samsung have begun to collaborate since last year when the South Korean tech giant became the sole OLED display supplier for the iPhone X, Apple’s anniversary smartphone.

Lately, there have been talks about the possibility that LG will get some of Samsung’s share, by getting on Apple’s list of OLED display suppliers in 2018, but it seems that there’s little chance.

It is still early to draw any conclusions, but sources within Apple’s supply chain, quoted by China Times, say that Apple will rely only on Samsung’s products in 2018 too, as LG still doesn’t have the required production capabilities needed to meet Apple’s needs. Samsung is currently the largest manufacturer of OLED panels in the world, providing over 90% of the global output.

LG has inaugurated an OLED panel production line and there are talks investing in a new one dedicated to Apple, but from the latest information LG will reach its maximum production capacity until 2019, the year when the contract between Apple and Samsung also expires.

Samsung already has an OLED panel production line dedicated to Apple and it seems that, after all, the US company is pleased with the South Korean displays.

In the meantime, we found that Samsung has suspended a major investment in a new OLED billboard, nearly $1 billion, as the smartphone market is showing signs of a negative trend this year.

At the same time, on this occasion, we hear that Apple will launch two iPhones with OLED screens this year, one 5.8-inch and the other 6.5-inch, and another one with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. Sources say LCD screens for this iPhone will be produced by LG.