Samsung to announce Galaxy Tab 3 and Note 3 at IFA 2013?


According to SamMobile the next Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note will be unveiled at the IFA 2013 expo in Berlin. This year the event will stretch across 6 – 11 September. Until now, most rumors spoke of a July debut for the Note 3.

The source said that the 10-inch Galaxy Tab 3 will have a regular and Plus version, the latter having a display matching that of the Nexus 10 and its striking 2560×1600 resolution. As for the Note 3, its display will stay below 6 inches. A 6.3-inch device is allegedly in the making, and rumours point to it being the Galaxy Fonblet – a device we first heard of in January. Japanese Blog Of Mobile published information that the device is a 6.3-incher available in 3G, LTE and China Telecom-branded versions.


Source: Unwired View