Samsung teams up with China’s largest LED maker to prepare the next-gen of microLED TVs

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world. The company is currently betting on QLED screens because it believes that OLEDs are not suitable for TVs, although it is the world’s largest OLED panel manufacturer.

The company has explained the disadvantages of OLED panels on TVs, even though their rivals from LG are promoting its TVs. However, it seems that the future is neither in OLED, nor in QLED, but in microLED.

The latter offer many more benefits, from lower power consumption to much higher resolutions and superior image quality. That’s why the South Korean company wants to further develop this segment.

To do this, Samsung has signed a partnership with China’s largest microLED maker, Sanan Optoelectronics, to prepare the next generation of microLED TVs.

According to sources in South Korea, Samsung decided to pay nearly $17 million in advance to secure its partnership with Sanan for the next three years.

Contacted by the local press, Samsung has confirmed the deal, adding that it’ll seek to work with other display manufacturers too if needed.

Samsung could’ve produce this type of display on its own, the company investing in LEDs factories since 2010, but the results were not what they wanted, and Chinese companies have a higher production capacity at a much lower cost than Samsung.

The big problems with microLEDs today are that this type of technology is still not perfect and the production process is slow and costly.