Samsung sets a rather moderate goal to sell about 320 million smartphones in 2018

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung may have already set its goals for 2018, according to the South Korean media which report that Samsung will play it safe this year, maintaining its sales goal for smartphones at the similar level as last year — about 320 million units.

The Korean tech giant recently informed this year’s sales plans to suppliers: 320 million smartphones, 40 million feature phones, 20 million tablets and 5 million wearable devices.

Sources said Samsung has set a moderate goal largely due to the saturated market. Still, the figure is the largest among rivals, considering Apple and Huawei sell about 200 million and 150 million smartphones every year.

Samsung is unlikely to focus on increasing shipments in the coming years, strengthening profitability through high-priced premium models, including the flagship Galaxy S, Note and a brand-new foldable phone.

Unfortunately there aren’t any details about the devices. We would sure like to hear more about the foldable smartphone.