Samsung sees record profit in Q2, some say Apple is the main reason

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung has forecast record profits for the second quarter of the year, which could prove to be the best quarter in the company’s history.

Most outsiders say that most of Samsung’s profits in Q2 come from its new contracts with Apple, providing OLED panels and memory chips for the upcoming iPhones.
Samsung has forecast profits of around 14 trillion won ($12.1B), up 72% year-on-year, and some say taht the iPhone 8 is likely to be responsible for a sizeable slice of this.

Well, indeed Apple is the biggest single client Samsung has, yet we musnt’ forget that in Q2, Galaxy S8 and S8+ went on sale and the records show that Samsung sold plenty of them.

Also, Samsung has reported record earnings in Q4 2016, with their display and semiconductors divisions bringing in most of the money. And that was before Samsung and Apple made any agreements. Yes, Apple surely boosted Samsung’s earnings but the South Korean company was doing well before any contracts were signed.