Samsung says Galaxy S8 sells twice as fast as the Galaxy S7

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Samsung is enjoying a very successful time as its new Galaxy S8 series is performing very well in sale, or this is what we understand after Samsung revealed its sales figures.

On May 28, the Korean tech giant said it sold more than 1 million units of the phone on its home turf, 37 days after the phone’s official launch on April 21.

“The phone’s predecessors S6 and S7 hit the 1 million mark in 75 and 74 days since their launch, respectively. The S8 is selling almost two times faster than that,” said a Samsung official.

Since the preorders started on April 7, Samsung has publicly shared key sales data about the new phone possibly to boast its strong performance and lure more customers.

On April 9, the company said the preorders exceeded 550,000 units within two days of the launch. On April 18, it said the figure hit the 1 million mark.

Since the phone hit store shelves on April 21, the company has continued revealing the numbers.