Samsung reported very good results in Q1, but not thanks to its mobile division

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung reported some very good financial results for the first quarter of this year, but these surprising results weren’t achieved thanks to smartphone sale, which actually decreased.

According to Samsung report, the sales of smartphones decreased due to the fact that its fans waited for the release of their new flagships, the Galaxy S8 series, which started selling in April, the first month of the second quarter.

The results were boosted by its semiconductors and display business and it’s absolutely no surprises if we consider its contracts with Qualcomm and Apple.

So, going about the figures, Samsung reported a revenue for the quarter of KRW 50.55 trillion, which is about $45 billion, while operating profit for the quarter was KRW 9.90 trillion ($8.75 billion), an increase of KRW 3.22 trillion YoY (~$2.7 billion). This, is the second-best quarter ever.

One more important thing from Samsung’s report, is the announcement of an important release in the second half of this year, the released of a new flagship smartphone. The company those not offer more details, but clearly it’s talking about the Galaxy Note 8.