Samsung ready to launch Tizen smartphones worldwide

- Adrian Ungureanu

Although Samsung released their first Tizen OS powered smartphone a few years ago, it still hasn’t expanded the availability of these smartphones for too many countries. The Tizen smartphones are mainly sold in Asian and some African countries, but the Korean tech giant feels that its time to take on a global approach.

Samsung announced at Tizen Developer Conference 2017, in San Francisco, that Tizen powered smartphones will become available globally. Most certainly, the Tizen smartphones will try to appeal to emerging markets and countries where the demand for less expansive smartphones is higher.

Anyway, no Tizen OS smartphone came with high-end specifications. The latest one is the Samsung Z4, which was unveiled last week and it’s a rather modest phones, featuring low specs, even if compared with other entry-level smartphones available on the market right not, that run the Android platform.

Samsung announced that Z4 will be available in more countries than it predecessors and the first country to get it will be India, starting with May 23.