Samsung plans to launch two new patented folding devices


For some time the network has appeared information that states that Samsung is working on folding smartphones, but now it’s time to look for the scenes and see. The patent is assigned to the second half of 2014 and shows how to construct a similar smartphone.

Folding screen is key and patented illustrations seems that this will be the top material similar to textiles. Durable spring, along with some additional mechanisms keep the screen when open. Central hinge is also an important part of the whole idea.


Another patented scheme shows that the device can be opened, with a similar like laptop instead of being fully open. This design seems to use a different mechanism and “elastic block” to keep the screen taut.

Samsung seems exploring several new opportunities – the first is aimed at folding smartphones, and the other is to make tablets that bend in position laptop.

Another 3D patent Korea shows how this might look the device. Is rumors are proven true, we expect real devices to become a reality in January.