Samsung patents an in-display fingerprint reader

- Adrian Ungureanu

This discussions about embedded fingerprint reader is becoming outdated and old-fashioned since Apple introduced its 3D facial recognition system, but Samsung seems to be set to make de in-diplay fingerprint sensor real.

The company tried, but without success to put an in-display fingerprint reader on Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. Some rumors actually suggested that they might go for a 3D facial recognition too, but the Korean tech giant just filed for a patent with KIPRIS, South Korea’s Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, for a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader.

Of course, the speculations are that it’ll get on the Galaxy S9 series. Is still early, so Samsung might change its mind. They could go either for the in-display optica sensor, or they can go for a new improved facial recognition method. Or even both. We need more clues to see in what direction is Samsung heading.