Samsung ordered to pay $11.6 million to Huawei for 4G license infringement

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung was ordered by a Chinese court to pay some $11.60 million to Huawei Technologies for patent infringement, after the Korean tech giant had used a 4G license on 20 different devices.

Huawei sought compensation for the more than 30 million products that sold for $12.7 billion, including the Galaxy S7.

The Chinese company welcomed the court’s decision, while Samsung said it will decide on the response to the court’s decision after reviewing the ruling. Aslo, Samsung countersued Huawei in China for IP infringement.

It seems that this verdict is the first on several lawsuits of Huawei against the South Korean technology giant. Huawei filed lawsuits against Samsung in May in courts in China and the United States.