Samsung mocks the iPhones in its latest Galaxy Note 8 commercial – but was that neccesary?!

- Adrian Ungureanu

It was expected that Samsung would make a move in response in Apple’s recent release of the iPhone X. The Korean released a new commercial, mocking 10 years of iPhone history. But was that necessary?

The final message is that Galaxy Note has always something more to offer than the iPhone over the years. Also, they did not make any compromises like removing the audio jack and brought new features to their phones ahead of their rivals, like the wireless charging.

All this while making the iPhone look like they were always behind the Galaxy Notes. I’m note an iPhone or Apple fan. I would rather say, on the contrary. But someone need to remind Samsung, that their Galaxy Note wasn’t perfect. I’m sure that no one at Samsung will forget 2016. And that’s because of the Galaxy Note series.

I’d prefer that the competition between Apple and Samsung would stick to technology only. I’m sure a good product will sell even of you’re not make fun of the rival products.

Anyway, I have to admit that the video is funny its own way. Surely, Samsung’s fans will like the commercial.