Samsung might launch Galaxy S8 Lite next week in India

- Adrian Ungureanu

The South Korean tech giant is continuing its launch series this year, as well as reorganizing its smartphones portfolio, and will make some changes in the Galaxy J family, which is mainly a budget phone.

Like the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A6 series, Samsung will chose the even number for the Galaxy J family to, and the Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6 could be launched next week.

The company has sent invitations for a launch event to be held in Mumbai, India, a country with a high appetite for cheap phones, so it could not be a better place for Samsung to launch its new budget smartphones.

The event will take place on Monday, May 21, and speculation launched by local sources and most blogs suggest that Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6 will be the stars of the event. They also take into account the local release of the Galaxy A6 (2018) series.

But I don’t get it why nobody also takes into account a third option, which seem to be more obvious than the first too. If we look at the illustration used in the invitation, we can not exclude the launch of the Galaxy S8 Lite, which has all the certifications to be released. We’ve even have all its specs after it received TENAA and FCC certification.

The smartphone silhouette suggested in the invite is similar to the one used for the Galaxy S8 and when it was launch. It’s clearly a smartphone featuring an Infinity Dispaly with curved edges. I doubt that Samsung would use such expensive screens on its cheapest smartphone series.

They haven’t used the curved display for the Galaxy A6 and A8 series, which are more expensive than any Galaxy J series models. So why would they use such illustration? Just to trick us? I don’t think so! I bet on Galaxy S8 Lite!