Samsung got over 1 million of pre-orders for its Galaxy S8 smartphones, in South Korea

- Adrian Ungureanu

Surprisingly or not (I would say, not!), Samsung received over 1 million pre-orders for its latest flagship smartphones in just 10 days, in South Korea, its home ground.

This doesn’t come as a too big surprise as we noted Tuesday, that Samsung might get over this milestone. This is far better than the company expected. Samsung anticipated itself that it’ll get around 400,000 pre-orders.

Its interesting to see if Samsung will keep up the pace as some issues have been already reported by some Korean customers that say that the display on their phone have a reddish tint that they can’t fixed.

The tech giant hopes to sell 60 million Galaxy S8 smartphones this year alone and if no big problems appear than they should reach this goal with no problems.

Their biggest worry should be Apple’s smartphones that will be launched later this year. We hope that Apple doesn’t disappoint and will bring a worthy competitor for Samsung’s flagships. There are already some rumors that the anniversary iPhone might not be as spectacular as we hoped.