Samsung get certification in South Korea for its foldable Galaxy X

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, now more than ever we seem to be getting closer to the moment when Samsung will finally unveil its first smartphone that will feature a foldable screen, known in plenty rumors as Galaxy X.

The phone has just been granted certification from the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) in South Korea. The phone is registered as SM-G888N0. While this model number doesn’t seem the have any relevance to us, it actually has. The same model number has been spotted at Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance, in this summer, thus Galaxy X has green light for a global release.

This new piece of information is a bit surprising. Even though DJ Koh officially confirmed that Samsung will be launching a first foldable screen smartphone, he suggested that it’s scheduled for next year. But now, knowing that Galaxy X already has certification from two big international organisations and an important Korean institution, we might be inclined to believe the rumors that hinted for an unveiling before the end of this year.

Still, having certain certificates for a product, doesn’t necessarily means you have to release that product on the market. Yet, no scenario is impossible now.