Samsung Galaxy S9+ “dissected” by iFixit! It’s very difficult to repair

- Adrian Ungureanu

The boys at iFixit have made a habit of “dissecting” the latest gadgets to see what is hidden inside them and to determine how easy or how hard they are to repair.

The same treatment has been offered to a Samsung Galaxy S9+, and the conclusion is not a good one. They gave it just 4 points out of 10 on their repairability scale, so it’s very hard to repair.

They pointed that the display is really hard to repair. Replacing it can’t be done simply by removing it from the front. The complete disassembly of the phone is required just to replace the screen.

So the best recommendation, in case anyone has problems with their Galaxy S9+ (God forbid!), is to go to an authorized service, otherwise you might have even bigger problems if the service does not have the right repair instructions and the right components.

To see the whole process of disassembling the new Samsung flagship, click on the source link.