Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t get in-display fingerprint reader and here’s why

- Adrian Ungureanu

For more than a year, Samsung fans have been waiting to see if their favorite smartphone maker will use fingerprint reader integrated into the screen, but this may not be happening this year either.

There have been hopes for this technology since the Galaxy S8 and S8+, followed by Galaxy Note 8. No one has received a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen as the technology was still not reliable enough so it could be marketed without any risks.

Vivo released the Vivo X20 Plus UD at the beginning at this year, which features an in-display reader produced by Synaptics, so it seems that now there are solutions that can be commercialized.

But Samsung doesn’t seem to agree with that yet. At least, that what Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, says. As there have been rumors that Galaxy Note 9 will have in-display fingerprint reader, the analyst now denies this possibility.

He says that while they function well under normal conditions, optical sensors still have technical difficulties, and the biggest problems are with screen protectors that may make it difficult or even prevent sensors from working properly. At the same time, it seems that these sensors do not work properly in any weather conditions.

That’s why Samsung is working on an ultrasonic sensor, but the technology is still very young and expensive, and its implementation will not happen earlier than 2019.

So Samsung has enough reasons not to go this year to integrated sensors. In other words, not trusting that it works perfectly, Samsung does not want to give their customers any more reasons to complain about their products. Specially not to the Galaxy Note series. Not after what happened two year ago with the flammable batteries.