Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with 4GB RAM?


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 more – often appears in the news. Today we received information edge version of the new Note, and the resolution of the anterior chamber.

Now is the time to talk about what RAM does this PHABLET. According to a new “confirmed” Report, we will be happy to 4GB RAM, LPDDR4 (just like OnePlus 2).


Since this is still a rumor, it is probably – better not take it at face value, but for the second time come across such information, which is one more confirmation. It is also “confirmed” that Note 5 comes with Exynos 7422 with Samsung. This means that this package will include eight – core CPU, GPU, RAM, internal memory, and Shannon 333 LTE modem.


By – earlier received information that Note 5 to 5.67 – inch Super AMOLED QHD touchscreen technology and wireless charging device.