Samsung files new patent for a smartphone with foldable screen

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, it seems that the Korean tech giant is working heavily to bring a smartphone with foldable screen as soon as possible, so it just filed a new patent for such a device.

Initially the mobile business boss at Samsung did previously announced last year,back in September, that Samsung is going to launch a smartphone with foldable display in 2018, but he said that that’s not going to happen anymore, and that it’ll arrive in 2019.

The new patent doesn’t really look to appealing. Personally I’m expecting a foldable smartphone that while unfolded it’ll match a tablet in size, so you could have a bigger screen when needed. The current patent reveals a smartphone with a very, very wide screen while unfolded. And I don’t see really the major advantages.

Sure, while held vertically it could display more context at one, but horizontally there’s nothing much, only if Samsung comes with a way to split the display, which is not something impossible. But it feel like the less practical concept, then going with a smartphone that will can be folded as a notebook.