Samsung employee: There will be no Galaxy S8 mini

- Adrian Ungureanu

Just two days ago a new rumors surfaced on the internet and suggested that Samsung may be developing a “mini” version the its current flagship series, the Galaxy S8.

As the source of unofficial and there’s practically no good reason for Samsung to release a “mini” variant for the Galaxy S8 series, we said that there little chance that this rumor could be true.

Today, a new rumor has emerged on the web and it dismisses the previous one. The source of the rumors is said to be a Samsung engineer that claims there no Galaxy S8 mini works at Samsung.

Even though this came via an unofficial channel it’s more likely to be correct, since Samsung ditched the “mini” variants for its flagship series almost three years ago. Probably, its most successfull down-sized flagship was the Galaxy S3 mini, but other didn’t performed as well and Galaxy S5 mini was that last of de “minis”.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ are already doing very good in almost all the markets they have released and Samsung is expected to launch the Active variant of the Galaxy S8, so a mini version won’t do any good for the company.